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Adams Rite

Adams Rite is known as the Aluminium Hardware Authority. The company is famous for its Maximum Security Lock (MS Lock), which is an industry standard for narrow stile aluminium doors and openings. Adams Rite's access control products are designed for commercial and industrial buildings and its products include deadbolts, deadlatches, electric strikes and exit devices.

Adams Rite Electrified Solutions for Upgrading your existing office security
Adams Rite wide range of access control products meet all needs, both large and small, be it retrofitting the front gate of your office with an electrified solution, or adding high quality access control locks with audit trail features to keep the cabinets and drawers in your office secure.

For your office perimeter such as entrance gates and fences, Adams Rite has products which are UL certified for outdoor use. These include:

  • Electromagnetic Locks - for swinging and sliding entrance gates. These locks are fully sealed and coated for weatherproof operations.
  • Electric Strikes - The electric strikes are weatherproof and windstorm rated such as the Adams Rite 7110 electric strike. Other Adams Rite electric strikes such as the HES 9600 electric strike can be utilized on an existing hardware.
  • Solar Power Supply - Use power supply from solar and battery operated sources to power remote access control.
  • Gate Locks - Heavy duty locks designed to withstand up to 2000 lbs of holding force under 100 lbs of preload.

Your exterior office doors, can be upgraded to include an Adams Rite access control product. Scale your traditional access control products to electrified solutions which will enhance security of your office.

  • Electric Strike - An Adams Rite electric strike such as the Adams Rite 74R1 Grade 1 electric strike, can be added to a door opening and can be installed with an existing card reader or keypad access control solution.
  • Electric Deadlatch - An electric deadlatch such as the Adams Rite 4300 Rite Pack electrified deadlatch for surface mount or mortise strike, can be used to upgrade your existing mechanical deadlatch.
  • Exit Device - Door openings can also be secured by upgrading to a new exit device having an electric strike but keeping the existing trim, or upgrading to an exit device such as Adams Rite 3700 Fire Rated rim exit device with an electric latch retraction option.
  • Touch Sense Devices - Adams Rite's touch sense devices operate electromagnetic locks with a light touch and are a great solution for providing easy exit for all people.

For your office interior doors, Adams Rite's products work with hollow metal, wood and glass doors. Popular products include:

  • Electromagnetic locks - which are a great solution for glass, aluminium or wood doors . These locks can be paired with a card reader or a keypad interface such as the Adams Rite RT1050D Digital Glass Door Lock, which is an elegant, keyless access control solution for single and double glass doors. Use these electromagnetic locks to provide security to critical areas such as server rooms and administrative areas.
  • Wireless readers - are a great access control solution for use with glass doors since they eliminate wires.
  • Keypad access control devices - which offer the convenience of pin code credentials.
  • Electric strikes - Electrify the opening of your interior door with an electrified strike. Upgrade and electrify your existing card or keypad lock to incorporate an electric strike.
  • Cabinet locks - are a great solution for securing your files and drawers. Available in wired and wireless models with audit trail logs.

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