Detex offers a wide range of products including safety and security door hardware products such as heavy duty, high quality exit devices, economical exit devices, access control systems with keypad and/or card reader, exit alarms and exit control locks. sells a wide range of Detex devices at affordable prices.

Detex Advantex Series
Detex Advantex Series heavy duty exit devices are made of heavy duty stainless steel with a beautiful rugged vapor deposition finish. Advantex series exit devices include models for rim exit device (Advantex 10 series), surface vertical rod exit device (Advantex 20 series) and concealed vertical rod exit device (Advantex 70 series). Narrow stile exit devices for rim exit devices (Advantex 40 series), surface vertical rod (Advantex 50 series) and concealed vertical rod (Advantex 60 series) are also available

Advantex exit devices can be used for wood doors, hollow metal doors and aluminium doors. Also, the Advantex exit devices are available for both single and double doors.

Other products in the Advantex series include outside trims such as levers, pulls and plates for the exit devices. These outside trims are not only durable and heavy duty, but will also withstand high use and abuse. Another great feature of these outside trims is that they are easy to install and, if a function needs to be changed, then the whole exit device need not be removed. Simply replacing the trim will, in all probability, solve your problem.

Lastly electrified options for the exit devices in the Advantex series allow you to add options such as exit alarms and controlled exit options such as electric dogging, electric latch retraction etc., to your exit device.

Detex DTX Access Control Systems
DTX Access Control Systems consist of card readers, keypad or a combination of both a card reader and keypad, to provide access control solutions for single and double doors. The DTX series access control systems are built for long life, despite high usage. They are also designed for use in indoor and outdoor applications. Products in the DTX series include cost effective standalone access control systems for single doors to multi-door access system for mid-size applications which not only manage people and doors but also create reports.

Detex EAX Door Alarms
Increase door security with the Detex EAX series door alarms. Products in the EAX series include battery powered alarms, hardwired AC/DC alarm and door prop alarms, which are used in applications where doors may be used for entry and exit but may not be held or propped open. The EAX door alarms are characterized by their aesthetically pleasing design, and quick and easy installation.

Detex ECL Exit Control Locks
The ECL Exit Control Locks are rugged, deadbolt, panic devices with 100 decibel alarms to provide additional security for secondary exits. These exit control locks are available in single point, two point and three point locks. Products include the ECL 230D Panic Hardware Exit Control Lock which is a code compliant, battery operated, panic device with steel plate, photo-luminescent sign and 100 db alarm, and the ECL-230X-TDB three point lock with top bolt, bottom bolt and a deadbolt which can withstand up to 16,000 pounds of pull force.

Detex Value Series Panic and Fire Exit Hardware
The Value Series exit devices available in wide and narrow stile rim and surface vertical rod models, are secure and durable, Grade 1 panic and fire hardware. These economically priced exit devices have a patented mounting plate and strike locator system ensuring easy and accurate installation of panic hardware.

Read more about Detex Value Series products such as the Detex V40 Rim Exit Device here or the Detex V50 Surface Vertical Rod Device here.

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