HPC's products such as their key cabinets are known for their strength, design and quality. Locksandsafes.com sells a variety of HPC's key cabinets, your solution for effective key management.

Single Tag KeKab

HPC Single Tag KeKab's are designed for key storage. Storage capacity of these key cabinets range from 8 keys to 730-keys. The smaller sized cabinets are ideal for residential and small businesses while the large sized cabinets are great for key management in universities, hospitals and large offices.

Keys are held in a key tag. The key tags are made of white plastic, are numbered for identification and have a bright nickel plated snap hook. The key cabinets are made of heavy gauge steel with piano hinged doors and are painted with a unique powder coat process, which alleviates the cabinets aesthetic appeal. The key cabinets have slotted steel key racks which hold the keys. The out key tag is a yellow card stock which is used to record who has the key and when the key is due back. The lock location record feature allows you to keep track of which key opens which door.

Most of the key cabinets in the HPC Single Tag KeKab series are secured with a 5-wafer, key retaining cam lock. Some cabinets are secured with 7 pin tubular T-handle lock. The key cabinets come with the Key Trail 25, a software which allows you to manage and track your keys including which key opens which lock and who holds the key.

To purchase a key cabinet with a 5-wafer cam lock.
8 key storage - HPC KeKab 8
30 key storage - HPC KeKab 30
40 key storage - HPC KeKab 40
60 key storage - HPC KeKab 60
80 key storage - HPC KeKab 80
120 key storage - HPC KeKab 120
160 key storage - HPC KeKab 160X (expands to 330 keys)
240 key storage - HPC KeKab 240
330 key storage - HPC KeKab 330

To purchase a key cabinet with a 7-pin tubular T-handle lock.
260 key storage - HPC KeKab 260X (expands to 500 keys)
500 key storage - HPC KeKab 500
730 key storage - HPC KeKab 730

Speciality Locking KeKabs

4 Wheel Combo KeKab - This key cabinet is an economically priced key cabinet, and comes with a keyless locking option in the form of a 4 wheel combination lock. The 4 wheel combination lock allows up to 10,000 different code combinations. The cabinet stores 65 keys and comes with numbered tags, out tags and control chart. The cabinet is made of heavy duty steel and has a top quality powder textured paint applied on it.

Buy a 4-Wheel Combo Kekab here.

Keyable KeKab - The keyable kekab allows you to add your own mortise cylinder which can be keyed into an existing master key system or keyed into the same biting as another door. To increase protection, use a high-security cylinder. The keyable kekab cabinets are designed for a 1" mortise cylinder but longer cylinders can be installed with spacer rings. The cabinet comes with key tags, out tags and control chart, but does not come with mortise cylinder or spacer rings.

To buy a Keyable KeKab
65 key - HPC KeKab KK65
95 key - HPC KeKab KK95X
265 key - HPC KeKab KK265

Digital KeKab - The digital kekab comes with an electronic lock. The lock has 4 levels of user access, including master code, sub-master code, user code and technician code. The lock is powered by two AA batteries and a low battery indicator gives a warning when the battery is low. Special jumper ports source external power in case battery dies. Another great security feature is the lockout feature which is activated after three unsuccessful attempts at opening the lock.

To buy a Digital KeKab
65 key - HPC KeKab DL65
95 key - HPC KeKab DL95X
265 key - HPC KeKab DL265

Horizontal and Vertical KeKabs - These key cabinets are designed for use in places where space is a constraint. The vertical kekab is ideal for narrow spaces, such as the space between a door and corner while the horizontal kekab is ideal for places such as above or beneath a window. These kekabs are made of heavy gauge steel and have a high quality, powder textured paint applied on it. They also come with a 5 wafer cam lock. Accessories such as key tags, out tags and control chart are included with the cabinet.

Buy a 48 key Horizontal Cabinet - HPC KeKab H48
Buy a 50 key Vertical Cabinet - HPC KeKab V50

SlimKab Series

The SlimKab models are offered in capacities ranging from 20 to 90 keys. These key cabinets are made of heavy gauge steel and come with 5-cam wafer locks. Instead of key slots, the SlimKab's have hooks on which keys are placed.

To buy a SlimKab
20 key - HPC SlimKab SK-20X
35 key - HPC SlimKab SK-35
55 key - HPC SlimKab SK-55X
90 key - HPC SlimKab SK-90

Key Keepers

KeKab 511 Emergency Key Box - The KeKab 511 is a bright red steel box and comes with a plexiglass and a hammer attached to it. It can be installed next to double sided deadbolts, since double sided deadbolts can pose safety issues in case of emergencies. In case of an emergency, the hammer can be used to break the plexiglass and the deadbolt's key can be taken out to open the deadbolt. The KeKab 511 comes with a 5-wafer cam lock.

Buy a HPC KeKab 511 here.

HPC Accessories

Expansion Leaves - Expand the capacity of your key cabinet with the expansion leaves. Expansion leaves are easy to install, come with numbered tags and control chart.

Increase key capacity from 160 to 330 keys with the HPC KeKab A
Increase key capacity from 260 to 500 keys with the HPC KeKab B
Increase key capacity from 95 to 265 keys with the HPC KeKab DA

Key Tags - Replace your worn out key tags with the White Plain Tag with Snap Hooks. Buy the HPC PLT-1, which comes with 100 tags.

KeKab 511 Glass - To replace the broken plexiglass of your HPC KeKab 511 Emergency Key Box. Buy it here.

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